Arternatives Programs also focus on teenagers who are in the process of transition from juvenile delinquency, negative peer pressures, crime and vagrancy.

Throughout the years, we have helped steer adolescents from negative street mentality and actions, towards accountable powerful perspectives, life objectives and educational pursuits. We have worked with kids from all of Los Angeles innercity sections, San Bernardino, Riverside, the high desert to the Bay areas. we have seen many incredible results from a personal, hands-on approach to youth rehabilitation, prevention and intervention programs.

Mr. Rene Avelar heads this crucial department as a State certified gang specialist, youth counselor, and mentor*



Gang Intervention Specialist State Certification

DPO Daidone

Loyola Law School

National Gang Conference Certification

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Our objective is to reach out and help as many troubled youth, deemed possible, to avoid crime and incarceration as they build a link of clearly-identified positive experiences, educational achievements, and self-initiated responsible contributions to their own communities, families and society.
One young person at a time.

Youth Mentors: Joseph Paul, Frank Harrison, Mr. Rios, Alan Bates

GANG INTERVENTION PROGRAMS – Mr. Rene Avelar / Los Angeles