Projects such as these are a tremendous way to get our kids involved in the beautification and transformation of their communities*

“Youth participants immediately get involved in the planning stages, conceptualizations & sketch layouts, color charting and paint assessments, and finally the diligence and commitment of carrying a seed project through into full finalization and fruition” stated our director H Rios.

The rewards are more than memorable, and the hard work pays off in various ways, from realistically understanding the basics of the task and full engineering of projects, Graffiti removal and transformations, Community service hours completed for court mandated services, and more importantly, learning to work together and stay accountable to staff members and their other arts team members*


We look forward to completing several new murals and creative projects within this and the new upcoming decade*


Rene A. Avelar (G.A.N.G.S. Program Coordinator / NDFY) / H Rios – Arternatives Director 5-2009