Los Angeles & Orange County Kids Arts Venues

L.A. County, as we know it, has developed many citywide Parks and Recreation creative programs where inner-city children can spend time expressing their thoughts and perspectives on various platforms and surfaces. Councilman Dennis Zine has reached hundreds of children through his advocacy of the arts as well as lobbying for greater resources, and mentorship for the generations of tomorrow: Arternatives CYDP has been one of his friends in this objective* Parks and Recreation Division, New Directions For Youth, Success Is Our Future (Rewarding Probation Youth in Foster care) and many other LA & OC organizations are doing just that…

Great Park of Orange County, in Irvine, California, opened on July 14, 2007, including art for children to make and see.

From the funding and donations, both from city grants and private sectors, we are able to purchase paints, supplies and resources that bring life and vivid color to so many areas that truly benefit from tranformational youth projects…


We appreciate Councilman Zine, and many others who are making a difference in such children’s creative world and lives*


Thank you,